2018 Rates & Reservation Requests

At Scenic View, we take great pride in the cleanliness of our sites, most of which are level and grassy. Premium sites are riverfront or stream side. Don’t own a camper? Not a problem! We offer a variety of rental options.

Late Season Special - 20% discount on rates listed below for all sites and cabins September 3rd through October 4th. 2 night minimum required for discount. Offer does not include Helen’s Place.

Gas Saver Special - Book any 2 consecutive weekends and leave your camper on site FREE. Advanced reservations required, excludes electricity during the week. Valid May 18th - June 14th (excludes 5/25-5/27) and September 3rd - October 7th.

Midweek Special - FREE night- Stay any 2 consecutive nights Sunday-Thursday and get the 3rd consecutive night FREE. Valid May 18th - June 14th (excludes 5/25-5/27) and September 3rd - October 4th.

Note: Specials cannot be combined with any other offer, advanced reservations required, please mention at time of booking.

2018 Campsite Rates

Pop up campers
Tent Camping
Motorhome Pull in Site

Tent Site - Silver (Standard)
Daily $38.00
Weekly $239.00

Water & Electric - Silver (Standard)
Daily $45.00
Weekly $283.00

Water & Electric - Gold (Premium Riverfront)
Daily $48.00
Weekly $302.00

W/E/S - Silver (Standard)
Daily $48.00
Weekly $302.00
Monthly $906.00

W/E/S/CATV - Silver (Standard)
Daily $51.00
Weekly $321.00
Monthly $963.00

W/E/S/CATV - Gold (Premium Stream Side)
Daily $54.00
Weekly $340.00
Monthly $1,020.00

Rates are based upon 2 adults and up to 3 children under the age of 18. There is a limit of 4 adults per site. Extra persons are required to pay an additional fee, 1 family per site, there may be no more than 7 people (maximum 4 adults) per site.

2018 Cabin Rates

Rustic Cabin at Scenic View Campground
Rustic Cabin Interior at Scenic View Campground
Deluxe Cabin Exterior at Scenic View Campground
Deluxe Cabin Interior at Scenic View Campground

Daily $88.00 (10% off for 7+ nights)
Our rustic camping cabin rental (shown above, first two photos) sleeps up to 6 people. It includes 1 double bed, bunk beds, and a sleeping loft with mats, along with a refrigerator, indoor table with 4 chairs, a charcoal grill, a two-burner cooking stove outside, cable and a TV. Bathrooms are within easy walking distance. Like all of our sites, our cabin site also includes an outdoor picnic table and fire ring. Some items you will need to bring include: Bedding (sheets, blankets, and pillows), cookware (plates, bowls, cups, silverware, pots, pans etc.), personal articles and paper products. Well-behaved pets are allowed in our rustic cabin. No smoking.

Daily $118.00 (10% off for 7+ nights)
Our stream side deluxe cabins (shown above, third & fourth photos) have full bathrooms (shower only, no tub) and sleep up to five. They are equipped with air conditioning, cable and a TV, a refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, 1 double bed, bunk bed, roll away bed, table with 4 chairs, and a gas fireplace. There is a two-burner cooking stove outside, picnic table and fire ring. Some items you will need to bring include: Bedding (sheets, blankets, and pillows), cookware (plates, bowls, cups, silverware, pots, pans etc.), personal articles and paper products. No smoking or pets allowed in our deluxe cabins.

* There is a 2 night minimum on all cabins (non-holiday) 3 night minimum on holiday weekends.
Rates do not include the 9% New Hampshire rooms and meals tax.
Please note there is a $100.00 refundable damage deposit for all cabins. A valid MasterCard or Visa card is required at check-in.
We will put a “hold” on your credit card during check-in and it will automatically “drop off” after inspection is completed.
Rates are based upon 2 adults and up to 3 children under the age of 18. No more than 4 adults allowed in one unit.
Smoking is not permitted in any cabin. If it is determined that smoking has taken place, a $100.00 cleaning fee will be charged to your account.

Helen’s Place, a Year Round 2-Bedroom Mobile Home Rental

Sleeps up to 6, full kitchen and bathroom, adjacent to campground. Sorry no pets and no smoking. Enjoy campground amenities in season and in the winter months you can enjoy snowmobiling right from the campground, skiing at nearby ski areas or snowshoeing and cross country skiing on multi use trail. This rental includes: kitchen, bathroom, enclosed porch, deck, 1 queen bed, 2 singles and pull out sofa in living room, TV with DVD in living room, fire ring and picnic table. You will need to bring: Cleaning supplies, linens (towels, sheets, blankets, kitchen towels etc.), and paper products. (The unit is stocked with 1 roll of toilet tissue and a trash bag. Bring additional items with you.)

The nightly rate is $165.00 plus a 9% NH rooms and meals tax. Save 10% if you book for 7 or more consecutive nights.

Helen’s Place Exterior - Scenic View Campground
Helen’s Place Kitchen - Scenic View Campground
Helen’s Place Living Room - Scenic View Campground
Helen’s Place Main Bedroom - Scenic View Campground
Helen’s Place Second Bedroom - Scenic View Campground
Helen’s Place Enclosed Porch - Scenic View Campground
Helen’s Place Deck Seating - Scenic View Campground
Snowmobiling by the Warren Missile
A New Hampshire skiing family

Seasonal Sites

May 18, 2018 - October 7, 2018

Full Hookup - W/E/S
$2,225.00 plus metered electric

Full Hookup - W/E/S/CATV
$2,470.00 - $2,570.00 plus metered electric

Full Hookup Super Site - W/E/S
$3,250.00 plus metered electric

Seasonal rates include up to 5 persons, including yourselves.

Additional Fees

May 18, 2018 - October 7, 2018

Daily Visitors:
Adults $6.00 | Children $4.00*
Overnight Visitors:
Adults $10.00 | Children $6.00*
*Child visitors are defined as ages 18 and under. Under age 2, no charge.

Security Gate
There is a $20.00 cash deposit for each vehicle’s key card, with a limit of 3 key cards for any 1 site, including visitors.

Dumping Station
No charge for use by registered campers, during or after your stay.

Request a Reservation

You may use the following form to check availability and request a reservation for your upcoming stay. If a site is available and we can accommodate your request, we will contact you to obtain the necessary reservation deposit. Please indicate your preferred means of contact, including at least one alternate telephone number. If a site is not available, we will e-mail our regrets. Either way, we will make every effort to reply within 24 hours. For your convenience, we accept Visa and MasterCard. Please note that personal checks are not accepted either within 14 days of your arrival date or upon arrival. You may also contact us by phone to check availability and make reservations.

Our Cancellation Policy: Sites must be cancelled a minimum of 14 days prior to scheduled arrival date for a full refund minus a $15.00 service charge. No refunds within 14 days of arrival. Rentals must be cancelled 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date to receive a full refund minus a $15.00 service charge. No refunds for cancellations less than 30 days prior to scheduled arrival. There are no refunds due to inclement weather or abbreviated stays. Our check in time is 12:00 PM for sites and 3:00 PM for rentals. Check out time for sites and cabins in no later than 11:00 AM on your departure date. Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

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